How to win on Progressive Jackpot Slots

How to win on Progressive Jackpot Slots

When we say win, we don’t necessarily mean the biggest prize there is. That’s impossible to predict. That’s like saying that you can get a strategy to win the lottery jackpot which has 1 in 400 million chance of winning.

So, in this article anything from $2000 and up we would call a big jackpot win.

The only question remaining is, how can you increase your chances of winning?

Make sure you are eligible


Many players skip this step. And more notably, casino game publishers don’t emphasize this enough. But, if you are going for a jackpot, make sure you are eligible. Even if the minimum spin is $0.10, you may only be eligible to win once your total cost per round reaches 0.30 or 0.50.

Before you start, check the rules of the game.    

Don’t put your eggs in one basket

progressive slots

When you play a slot machine, you are playing it for the short-term. So, ignore everyone that says you can’t do anything, the long run outcome is evident.

Sure. That means that if you were to play a million rounds on a 97.8% payout slot, you would be expected to have 97.8% of your money. That’s reasonable. But you are not playing a million rounds.

Whether you play for cents or dollars, don’t stay on a slot that is not paying you. It’s not against you, the game is not rigged. It’s just not your day. You don’t have anything to prove.  

So, if you are not having the best of days on a slot, move on to a different one or quit that day altogether.

Check for free spins


If you like a particular game that you seem to be winning more on, look whether other casinos offer any free spins on that. This goes double for holidays. Various Christmas bonuses at casino sites include increased deals, free spins on a variety of slots and more.

Not to mention that there is an Advent Calendar at almost any decent casino nowadays. Meaning, all month long you will get a different bonus to get extra bang for being your buck, whether you have or have not yet deposited.

Naturally, as you get to play more, you also increase the chances of winning the slots jackpot.


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